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A Bit About Us

If you love playing poker and enjoying the company of great people, then Lions Poker Palace is the only place to go. Our Houston club provides all of our members with an upscale atmosphere that is both safe and comfortable. Lions Poker Palace is a rake-free club that is in complete compliance with Chapter 47 of the Texas Penal Code, which ensures we are always in legal standing. Each table is hosted by a professional dealer who understands the Robert’s Rules of Poker and respects the play of each and every member of the poker club. To ensure every member enjoys a clean and fun game of poker, our staff and dealers make certain that the Code of Conduct is always followed. This Code of Conduct applies to everyone in Lions Poker Palace at all times and for all games (cash and tournament).


With the following amenities, Lions Poker Palace provides our members with the very best poker club in Houston:

  • World Class Poker Room
  • Spacious and comfortable smoking area
  • Numerous TV’s for tournament clock/blinds and your favorite sports
  • Armed security present at all times
  • Complimentary valet and self-parking available in a secure lot

Code of Conduct

At Lions Poker Palace, we believe it to be incredibly important to ensure that every club member plays and abides by the same Code of Conduct. Please review our Code of Conduct as these rules must be followed in order to play:

  • You must have a valid membership to enter gaming area
  • Gaming chips cannot be used for anything other than for gameplay (they cannot be used for tipping or paying for food or time cards)
  • No cheating of any kind (including suspicious texting activity)
  • No collusion
  • No pinging
  • Only English will be spoken once cards have been dealt
  • No vandalism (tearing/destroying cards, etc.)
  • No weapons
  • No illegal substances
  • No disrespect from anyone to anyone
  • No profanity, threats or racial slurs
  • No loud or disruptive behavior

Violation of these rules will terminate your membership/employment.

Hours of Operation

(Temporary Hours Due to COVID 19)

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday : 11:30 AM – 3 AM

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