Recently, professional poker player, William Kassouf, known for his “Nine high like a boss” play at the 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP), was caught palming $100 chips at a Grosvenor casino roulette wheel. With eyewitnesses corroborating the story, Kassouf soon released a statement on Twitter admitting to his actions and apologizing for them. The result was losing his Grosvenor sponsorship and being banned from all Grosvenor properties.

Poker Has Gone Through An Image Change

Poker was once seen as a game associated with mostly an underground world made up of people on the fringes of society. However, poker has since successfully changed its image, with people from all walks of life now playing the game at legitimate poker clubs such as Lions Poker Palace in Houston. Poker is now mainstream and more popular than ever, with the majority of public perception seeing the game as legitimate competition or sport.

Although Kassouf was not playing poker at the time, the fact that a professional poker player got caught cheating in a casino undoubtedly puts a stain on the image of professional gamers as a whole. Obviously, this was just one player, but just one step backwards can conjure up past prejudices of seeing poker as a game associated with degenerates and shady characters. It’s hard for one not to wonder that if someone will cheat at a roulette table, what’s to stop them from doing the same in a poker room?

Cheating Is Not an Issue at Our Houston Poker Club

Fortunately, one never needs to worry about having to deal with cheating or any other kind of undesirable behavior at Lions Poker Palace. To make sure each and every player in our poker room has a clean and fun game of poker, our staff and dealers make certain our club’s Code of Conduct is followed at all times.

Every dealer in our poker room is a professional who understands the Robert’s Rules of Poker, and respects the play of each member of the poker club. Additionally, our Houston poker club is a rake-free club and in complete compliance with Chapter 47 of the Texas Penal Code. This ensures that we are always in legal standing with the state.

Whether you prefer cash games or tournaments, Lions Poker Palace hosts the best games in Houston. With great amenities, promos, and a Code of Conduct respectfully followed by each member, our poker club is the place to be for a great night of entertainment in Houston. So contact us today and join us for some safe and fun competition!

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