Lions Poker Palace is Houston’s premier poker club. Our world-class poker room offers daily cash games and tournaments that offer the best competition. Players from all over the city and nation come to our poker club located in the Galleria area for a fun evening of great competition with great people. If you like No Limit Hold Em or Pot Limit Omaha, then make your way over to Lions Poker Palace any day of the week and get in the game.

When playing in any poker game, one should always look to play at an optimal level. Sure, there are those who play just for fun, but one should always practice good habits at the table and never play to lose. And let’s face it: bringing home winnings is never a bad thing!

Poker is a complex, cerebral game that demands our full attention. Therefore, part of playing at an optimal level involves eliminating distractions. Here are a few tips on how to keep your mind right while playing in our poker room:

When In Our Poker Room, Put Away Your Phone!

Obviously, we aren’t suggesting you turn off your phone altogether. Rather, perhaps put it away out of sight. In this age of fast information and social media, one can easily be tempted to constantly check news feeds or text messages from friends. Therefore, keeping your phone tucked away and on vibrate is a good idea.

Stay Well Nourished and Hydrated In Our Poker Room

Playing poker at an optimal level requires mental acuteness and physical stamina. Playing on an empty stomach can make you feel sluggish and weak, while clouding your judgment. In addition, keeping yourself hydrated is crucial to keeping your brain operating at its best.

Thankfully, Lions Poker Palace is a full service poker club. If you need to refuel or rehydrate yourself, we have delicious food and great drinks readily available to you at all times. Our great amenities are here for you so that you can play at your best in our poker club.

With great amenities, friendly people, and the best competition, it is no wonder Lions Poker Palace in the Galleria area is Houston’s top choice for great poker. Our comfortable environment is conducive to playing at an optimal level at all times. So, contact us today to get your game on!

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