Lions Poker Palace is proud to announce that we have partnered with Poker Atlas, North America’s largest Live Poker information source. Poker Atlas is your one-stop location for all things poker.

By downloading the Poker Atlas app, not only will you be able to see our poker club’s cash games and tournament schedule, but you will also receive updates and live information as well, all in real time.

Poker Atlas is also a great place to connect with other poker players from around the country. The “Table Talk” section is always active and a good place to go to ask questions, pick up tips and strategies, or talk shop. Also, perhaps you are on vacation outside of Houston and can’t play in our poker room. Not to worry, just log onto the Poker Atlas app, enter your current city, and voila! You now know where to go!

How Poker Atlas Works With Our Poker Room

Poker Atlas is the creator of TableCaptain, the most innovative poker room management software system around. When you first join Lions Poker Palace in the Galleria, you are given a membership card that you use to purchase playing time. When you begin playing in our Houston poker room, you swipe your card, and your time begins. The Poker Atlas app precisely calculates your time at the table, all while giving you updates in real time. In addition, perhaps you just want to check out what’s going on in our poker room. Just log onto Poker Atlas and you will be able to see the live action in real time.

Whether you’re into cash games or tournaments, Poker Atlas has all the information you need. Obviously, as Houston’s premier poker club, Lions is still the place to be for the best competition and amenities. Our Houston poker club offers fun and competitive cash games and tournaments daily. In addition, we are currently running some crazy promotions that you don’t want to miss! So download the app and contact us to start playing at our poker club today!

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